About Us

Why choose US?

Naku-One Strategic and Planning Consultants is dynamic, modern and Global. We pride of ourselves as applicants of the latest most convenient methods of Scientific Research to find solutions to emerging problems with the 3 major Disciplines that we deal with.

Our Partners

Our partners include scholars, stakeholders, Professionals in the International Relations/ Development and Climate Changes Affairs space. These are persons with great passion in these Disciplines from Africa and around the world. Most of our friends are domiciled in many areas of the world from the Amazon in Brazil to Himalayas in India, Sahara Desert in Mauritania to the poles in Reykjavik.

How we do it

We keep correspondence through a series of discussions, webinars, conference and in person everyday as we seek Solutions to better strengthen our World systems and preservation. in Kenya Nakuo is based in Nakuru with great prescence around Kenya and the East Africa Region.